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Peterborough, Ontario
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Franz's Butchershop & Catering, serving Peterborough for 33 years.

Serving only the highest quality Prime cuts of Beef aged at least 28 days, Pork, Chicken and Veal.

Visit our butchershop at 172 Lansdowne St. East, Peterborough, Ontario - Call (705) 742-8888

Butchershop, Meals & Produce

Franz's Butchershop in Peterborough, Ontario

Franz's Butchershop only offers prime, quality cuts of meat.

We offer a complete line of prepared foods including Roast Beef au Jus, Pulled Pork, Meat Pies, Award-winning Sausages & Smoked Sausages, Salads, Jerky, Award-winning Bacon and more.

At Franz's, butchery is our speciality. We only offer prime cuts of Beef aged 28 days, Pork, Chicken, Lamb and Veal.

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We offer Catering Packages for office celebrations, family dinners, banquets, weddings and more.

Franz's Catering Menu's include a variety of Lunches & Dinners for any sized occasion and at an economical price.

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